I used to just connect my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to my Windows7 PC using a USB cable and after a moment it detected one another. However the folders on the phone would not display on the computer Windows Explorer until I enter the phone password. There was no need to use KIES at all. Also I had an old Samsung Galaxy Note, and it could also connect to the same Windows7 PC. No problem and that was fine.

I HAD NOT registered my device with Samsung for months, until just now to enable me to use online services like "Locate my mobile. Ring my phone".

Soon after my son connected my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to his computer to demonstrate the KIES function on his computer, both my Samsung Galaxy Note phones are unable to detect my Windows7 anymore by simple USB connection.

There is no doubt that registering with Samsung and connecting my phone to my son's PC, some bug must had been inserted somewhere to disable my Samsung Galaxy Note phones from detecting my Windows7 PC. May be the BUG wants me to use KIES for file transfer. That's unfair !

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance for your help