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    So I started using the pedometer on my N3 this week. It's nice having a feature like that built into my phone. I just got my Gear Watch and it too has a pedometer. While some of the settings (weather, contacts) took a while to sync up I was wondering if the pedometer would as well. I've checked all the settings and for some reason I cannot get it to work. Anyone else out there trying this? Thanks in advance for your responses.
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    Good question, in for responses
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    I tested this out this morning when I walked my dogs. I started the pedometer from the Gear and stopped it when I got back. Then I went to that profile in the watch and synced it to the Note. It only took a few seconds so it seems to have worked just fine since I now see the exercise on the Note.
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    After re-reading you post I'm not sure if you were expecting it to auto-sync. I had to go into the pedometer on the Gear, Menu, and then select Send to S-Health.
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    I've tried that w/o success. Do I need to disable the pedometer on the phone? I'm wondering if they are conflicting somehow..
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    I asked the same question earlier and got a reply that cleared things up.

    When you use the pedometer with the Gear Watch and sync to S Health on your phone, the steps are recorded under Exercise mate, not Walking mate.

    Walking mate only records steps taken by the phone itself, not the watch. People that dont have the watch can still record their steps with Walking mate.

    Kinda weird if you ask me.
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    how do i delete my profile? I've been going into settings and removing my account but it still displays my profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmin View Post
    how do i delete my profile? I've been going into settings and removing my account but it still displays my profile.
    Delete data from the application manager.

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    there was an update for this with the workout being added to the widgets but now it's dissapeared.
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    Does anyone use a heart rate monitor strap for the S health? Is this the compatible Timex strap? Flex Tech™ Digital 2.4 Heart Rate Sensor | Global Timex
    Screenshot of the S health, compatibility menu View image: 2013 11 29 13 00 11
    More detailed data would have been nice :S I don't want to order a strap to find out that it's not working with my S4.

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