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    Default Anker 5 Port Rapid charger

    I got this to replace the powerstrip that's on my kitchen counter. I would have multiple chargers plugged into it and it was a giant mess and just plain bulky when I looked at it. I tried a usb hub/charger but it doesn't charge tablets or larger phones (Note 2, Note 3) at an acceptable speed. This unit has 2 ports for tablets (2.1) one for galaxy tabs (1.3), and two ports for phones (1.0).

    So far it's been solid and has really cleaned up my counter. Another thing about this device is that it's really small. If you look at the video it's smaller than my phone. I expected it to be about 5 inches or so because it can charge so many devices but the slim profile is great. I can definitely see how useful this would be for traveling.
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    Thanks for that, looks good - I'm going to see if I can get it in the UK.

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    Default Re: Anker 5 Port Rapid charger

    I have one of these and travel with it weekly. Its a great way to charge via one outlet at the airport but have more than one device plugged in. I bought the Amazon Basics USB 3.0 cable and use it to charge my Note 3. Highly recommend it. It regularly goes as low as $15 or $16 bucks and is a Prime item. I need a 2nd one for my house.
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    Thank you for taking the time to post this great info.

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    Fyi, it is on sale for $16 at Amazon now with coupon.

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