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    Default Galaxy Note 3 - Outlook Sync Issue

    Any thoughts on how i can sync my outlook ? Android 4.3 is not as yet available on Google via gmail. Thanks
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    Default Re: Galaxy Note 3 - Outlook Sync Issue

    Your post makes no sense at all. The Note 3 IS Android 4.3 and has nothing to do with "Google via Gmail", whatever that means.

    What exactly are you trying to sync in Outlook? Which e-mail account? Microsoft exchange account, Gmail or something else???
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    Default Re: Galaxy Note 3 - Outlook Sync Issue

    I agree with the above post, your post doesn't really make much sense hehe But still I'll try to help from what I understand from the title: You want to set up your phone to sync your Outlook account.

    If you're using Outlook I'm assuming you're using an Exchange account. Just go into Settings, look for Accounts and select "Add Account". You'll see the Exchange option there. Just set up your info (make sure you get the server info right!) and voil! Just select how much you want to sync (mail, calendar, SMS, contacts, etc.) and tweak the sync settings to your liking and that's it.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Note 3 - Outlook Sync Issue

    I am planning to leave BB and move to Sumsung Note 3 (or 4s) and the main reason behind it is because I keep facing synch problems between Outlook exchange hosted on a cloud and BB Desktop Link (using Z10). Di you switch from BB to Samsung and still facing this problem?
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    Default Re: Galaxy Note 3 - Outlook Sync Issue

    I had zero problems setting up the Note 3 to my Outlook through exchange account. Follow the on instruction of the second poster and you should be fine.

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    Default Re: Galaxy Note 3 - Outlook Sync Issue

    I have A galaxy note s3..I use Outlook via an Exchange server. Everything has been working fine for the last several months however yesterday I simply lost all Outlook contact information on my phone. Everything is the same in Outlook on my PC. I now see Facebook contact information for my contacts but can't identify anyone when they call on their cell phone it's very frustrating. Not sure what to do any advice and direction would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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