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    Default Note 3 Alternative with better signal level?

    I have been long awaiting getting a Note3, and finally purchased 2 of them today. We currently have a rezound, but we're ready to buy phones that have larger screens that don't hurt our eyes to view them. My bluetooth has always been defective on the rezound and it will not broadcast wifi from the foxfi app. The Note3 has about everything I want in a phone, but the 4G signal level seems very low at -100 dbm sitting next to my rezound which is reading -83 dbm. I want to keep this phone, but if the radio will not work in low signal area's I will have to return it like I did the Galaxy Nexus a few years ago.

    Any suggestions on a Note3 close runner up if I have to abandon this phone? I looked at the HTC One Max and it did look like a possibility.

    My criteria is a phone with a larger screen that does not hurt my eyes, works with pdanet foxfi, removable battery and sd memory, good reception in low signal area's. Would like the NFC and the Bluetooth 4 if possible too. I would like to activate google wallet on this one. The Note3 was exactly what I was looking for, if the reception would be better.
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    Default Re: Note 3 Alternative with better signal level?

    Well I am on the same boat as you, I like the phone and I thing it has capabilities but I am not completely satisfied and I hope to jump ship withing 6 months........the only one I see in the future is the note 4 or the s5 .... as long as htc doesn't have removable battery and SD card ....... I don't want it ............
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    Default Re: Note 3 Alternative with better signal level?

    I jumped from the Rezound to the Note 3 and that's my biggest gripe. The Rezound would get a signal where most phones around me wouldn't. I guess if you open up the back cover and look at all the extra conductivity built into the back cover, you can understand why. If signal strength is a primary issue for you then you might have to consider the HTC One Max and hope that HTC has taken what they learned from the Rezound and applied it to the One Max.
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    Default Re: Note 3 Alternative with better signal level?

    I use an app called "Advanced Signal Status". It gives you a quick glance at several signal levels in the phone including the 4G LTE RSRP signal. Under "about phone >status>signal level" l am seeing about -101 dbm 39 ASU when on LTE. I would love to keep this phone, it is everything I want in a phone if it had good reception. Has anyone exchanged it and gotten a better signal level?

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