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    Default Changing Default Hangouts Contact Pictures

    Esteemed community which always seem to have the answers,
    I'm using the work-around to combine my Google Voice SMS's into Google Hangouts, now that they've added SMS capability.

    Link above for that work-around if anyone's curious.

    It's not great - but I like having to use only one application. Anyway, my question is, for contacts who do NOT have their own Google+ profiles, Hangouts uses whatever photo I have in my contact card. But, if a user does have a Google+ profile, it overrides to that picture. My issue is, a lot of folks have nonsensical pictures like their dog or something, rather than their face. On my few, I would like to have people's faces.

    Is there any way to override that photo? I can't find any settings to that effect. Thanks in advance!

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