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    Exclamation Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery

    I'v had my note 3 for just about 3 months. Originally the pictures and videos would play perfectly fine in Gallery. But over time, every once in awhile a picture or video would go black and say, "file not supported". I couldnt open it or play it at all. And as time has progressed, it does it to more and more photos and videos more frequently. And now its come to the point where the last 50 or so pictures and videos have gone black and say not supported. Its not every single picture that is like this though. I have tried a lot to try to get the pictures and videos to work. I checked also, to see if the format had changed, but all the pictures are still JPEGs, and all the videos are .MP4s. I tried backing them up to google plus, but they still wouldn't open. I tried downloading them onto my pc, they wouldn't open from there. I tried taking the battery, sim, and sd out for 10 minutes. I went through the sd to see if there was anything wrong with it, but everything else plays fine off of it; I.E: apps, music, other pictures, videos, contacts. I tried sending them in messages, on other apps, email, and uploading to facebook, none worked. I factory reset my phone, and its still doing it. I tried downloading RAWDroid (the app) and opening the pictures from that, and i was able to pull up a few images, only several, from there. So I still have a whole lot of pictures/videos I have taken that I can't see or access or send or anything. Anyone know of a fix for this! I would like to be able to open the videos and pictures I have without loosing them! thanks! And these are pictures and videos taken on the phone!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery-screenshot_2013-12-04-13-09-47.jpg   Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery-screenshot_2013-12-04-13-10-06.jpg   Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery-screenshot_2013-12-14-17-27-06.jpg   Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery-screenshot_2013-12-14-17-27-21.jpg   Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery-screenshot_2013-12-14-17-32-04.jpg  

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    Default Re: Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery

    You can go into settings>device>application manager>scroll to all and then scroll to Gallery. Clear cache and data and reboot phone.

    If that doesn't help, you NEED to plug that puppy into a PC and pull all your pictures/videos off your phone. Check to see if you can view them on your PC. If you can't, then somehow they got corrupted OR somehow the file format got changed by an app you have used. Try using VLC player for windows to view vids as WMP sucks at playing non-supported vids. IF that works, you can use a video converter to convert them to a file format of your choosing.

    Now, after you have pulled all the pic/vids off your phone, format your phone (including storage and SD card if you use one). Try taking a few pics and vids to see if they can viewed on your phone. If not, then most likely your storage on your phone has gone wonkey and needs repair.

    Hope this helps!
    Note 3 / Note 2 / S4 / Moto X / hTc ONE / LG G2
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    Default Re: Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery

    So I tried clearing the cache and the data of the Gallery again, that didn't help. And i also saved the files on my computer and couldnt read them from there either. VLC also couldnt read them, saying they were undefined. So I went ahead and formated both the memory's. So far its taking pictures fine and they are staying! But id still like to save the old pictures and videos. They still cant be opened.
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    Default Re: Note 3 Pictures and Videos Will Not Open In Gallery

    My Galaxy Note 3 is barely 2 months old. I have been very happy with it until all of sudden my Gallery has locked up and I am unable to access it. I as well took my sd card out and attempted to access my pics and videos which was unsuccessful.
    I did go to the settings--applications manager--to looked for Gallery, but my Gallery is not even in there. I sure would like to save what is in there but hoping somebody has some other helpful tips and suggestions.
    Thanks so much!

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