I have my Note 3 in a Trident Kraken case with a double ended lanyard for wearing around my neck. It took 2 years to get this up and running but I think I'm liking it. That's not to say I'm not running into problems. For one, it seems like the camera on the S3 was working better for me than the Note 3. I need to do very close up photos (part numbers on parts etc) from time to time but I'm having the darndest time getting the Note to focus up close. I can see it sweep right past the focussed point and then give me the red square telling me that it can't focus. So, I have some thoughts… Anyone have suggestions in these categories?

A) camera app that gives more control for macro focus. (perhaps a manual focus mode)
B) aftermarket macro lenses.
C) aftermarket lenses that will work with a Kraken case.