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    Default Picture Album Problems

    So I recently got an upgrade from the IPhone5 to this phone and I'm in love. But I just miss how all my screenshots, camera, and downloaded pictures used to only save to one folder in my gallery (Camera roll) and I was wondering if there possibly was a way to do that on the Note 3 too? I know there's an option to see all the different album pictures in the 'All' option but it doesn't show that option when I'm trying to post a picture to twitter or facebook ect. It's a tiny problem, and it shouldn't really matter but it just bothers me. If there's any way to fix this, I would really appreciate knowing! I'm tired of constantly moving each individual picture to one folder. Thanks!
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    What program are you using to post to Twitter in FB? That may be the issue.

    When I use the actual apps on my phone and click the option to upload a photo, it opens a screen with every photo on my phone from every folder, sorted in the order they were added to the phone.

    Now Instagram, on the other hand, will make me choose an app to open and then I see all of the folders.
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    Default Re: Picture Album Problems

    I would think having your pictures categorized would be an advantage in looking for the right picture to send
    But what do I know?

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    Default Re: Picture Album Problems

    You can also post to any app directly from the Gallery. Select a pic, hit the share button at the top and choose which app you want to use!

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