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    Question How to get U.S. only play store apps on a Canadian phone?

    Is there a way around getting US only apps as a Canadian in the play store? Over on IOS I made a US Itunes account and was able to access anything using a vpn in the US Itunes store. I can't seem to find a way to do this on the Google play store.

    For example, the IHeart Radio app is available to the US but not Canada and when I look it up on my computer in the Play store it says it's not available to me since it knows my provider and phone is Canadian, and it says no available app to install when I try. I can't even see the app on my phone because I guess I'm in the Canadian play store.

    Is there any way to do this? Thanks
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    Default Re: How to get U.S. only play store apps on a Canadian phone?

    If your phone is unlocked, you can try to put in a sim from a US carrier. You may need to do a factory data reset.

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    The sim card has NOTHING to do with which play store version you get to access.

    It has to do with the settings of the google account your play store is linking to, so it is very much like itunes - you need a second "us based" account.

    Mine is set up for the canadian play store, which I get to access no matter the sim - I travel a lot, and put different sims into my phone constantly.

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