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    I need the best mass texting app from play store. I am the team coordinator for a youth sports organization that sometime have to text up to 86 people at time. Please help.

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    I use Google hangouts.

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    How do I save them as a group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana Williams-Jenkins View Post
    How do I save them as a group

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    I had to individually select each contact for my mass text. Once sent, that text becomes a saved conversation. So if you want to send another message to the same people, all you do is select that conversation and start typing.

    Cool part is is that if they respond to that mass text, instead of sending a new text to you, all their responses are saved under the original conversation. So on one screen you will see all 80+ names responding to you question instead of having to open up 80+ different messages

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    If you want to save a group and maybe make subgroups, and since hangouts is a Google product, you can create a group through your Gmail contacts.

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    Default Re: Mass Texting

    I'm in the same sports boat as you Dana.. two options...

    1. Google+, and you set up the groups/teams as circles. (We gave up on this.)

    2. (We have used this for 2 years now.) While not an app, it has worked very well for us. You set up your league, everyone else opts in if they want to (and they will since it is the best way to get time sensitive notices). We set up a couple admins, a 'board', the coaches, and individual teams as separate groups. This way you can broadcast to the league, or coaches can to just their individual teams. It's ad-driven so it's free. But there is now an option to pay a fee and drop the ads. We've been pretty happy with it. Good luck whatever you do.

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