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    I just got my Galaxy Note 3 phone.I see when I download apps on my phone,they are not only in apps but icon on screen.
    Is there any way to remove icon from screen without removing the app from phone?They make my screen very full
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    Default Re: Apps on screens...

    Removing them from the home screens does not remove them from your apps. Also, you can add more home screens to your device easily...not sure how many, but more than enough to suit most people's needs anyway.
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    Welcome to Android Central! Icons on your homescreen are only shortcuts, just like in Windows. Removing a shortcut from the homescreen doesn't uninstall the actual app--you can still see all installed app in the App Drawer. You can change it so that shortcuts aren't automatically added to your homescreens each time you install something by opening Google Play, tapping Menu, then Settings, then uncheck "Auto-add widgets."

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    You can have 7 screens stock. Enjoy your phone!

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