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    Default App froze - now tablet isn't turning on

    One of my apps stopped responding, so the buttons on my tablet stopped responding as well, but instead of getting the "This app has stopped responding: Close/Wait" message, it just.. went to sleep, and I haven't been able to turn it on since. It's not just a case of a dead battery because even after plugging it in, I can't turn it back on. What do I do?
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    Default Re: App froze - now tablet isn't turning on

    Quickest and easiest is a battery pull. Just pop off the back cover, remove the battery and wait about a minute. Put the battery back in, snap the cover back on, and turn on the phone.

    Or if you've got a case on your phone that is a pain to remove, just press and hold the power button. Might take 10-30 seconds but this SHOULD force it to reboot as well.
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    Default Re: App froze - now tablet isn't turning on

    Well, I just noticed I was a moron, I was talking a Tab 3, not a Note 3, but, the power button trick worked for it, too. Thank you!
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