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    Default Better belt clip for Otterbox

    Have the otterbox defender on the Note 3 and need to find a better belt case for it to fit in. The belt clip is just too tight to get the phone in and out for my liking. Anybody know if a case that the defender will fit in? Like something with a good clip for the belt and not just those ones that slide on, they fall off too easy.
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    Default Re: Better belt clip for Otterbox

    Maybe a fanny pack!!

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    Default Re: Better belt clip for Otterbox

    Might not be a bad idea just not something I'd want to carry the phone in all the time
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    Default Re: Better belt clip for Otterbox

    I use to like to use a for my last phone.

    That model is definitely too small for your particular phone, but their might be something that fits at BestBuy. I got something similar to the Lowepro made out of leather, to custom fit my current phone at a shoe repair shop. They charged me 60$. After changing jobs, I didn't need it anymore, and sold it to a coworker, but it's definitely a great solution.
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