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    Default Sound with jack

    Do you guys notice a low sound when you plug in your phone with jack to a stereo or something?

    Is that even fixable. I've a beast stereo when it's plugged in to my pc and on my phone I have to set the volume of the stereo to max to have a bit of noisy music..
    All songs are good quality and amplified enough to play loudly

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    Default Re: Sound with jack

    First thing - is it a low hum? does it change if you put your hand around the phone, or around the headphone jack on the phone while plugged in? have you tried a different cable? Also, instead of maxing the volume on the stereo, try turning that down and max out the volume on the phone first. Does that change anything?
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    Default Re: Sound with jack

    No its no low hum and I tried to reboot the phone. Can't try a different cable since it's build in.

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    Default Re: Sound with jack

    Hey dancing-bass, are you thinking what im thinking? possibly a grounding issue between his phone and the stereo?
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    Default Re: Sound with jack

    What means grounding?

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    Default Re: Sound with jack

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    Default Re: Sound with jack

    Are you plugged into a wall charger when listening? Try unplugging from the charger/power source and use battery only

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