This functionality still seems to me to be a bit clunky. For example, let's say I want to extract a few sentences via copy/paste from an article I am looking at using the browser. I want to paste this snippet into an Action Memo. Anyone have a clue how to do this? The paste function works with respect to my email client if I lightly tap the pen in the 'Compose email' window. No problem there. Well...there is a problem. This is far from being intuitive. What I'd think is missing and needs to be there is a tiny tray of icons (once the snippet is in the clipboard) somewhere near the top of the screen. 'Paste' and 'Cancel/Delete' (X?) buttons would be really helpful. Then once you accomplish the mission of pasting into another application they would vanish. Back to my question: is it possible to paste into an Action Memo? Is it even possible to copy from an Action Memo and paste elsewhere?