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    Default Android KitKat in UK


    Does anyone know when KitKat for the Note 3 is likely to arrive in the UK?

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    Default Re: Android KitKat in UK

    I'm a Vodafone note 3 user and had 2 conflicting replies from them regarding kitkat. A guy in my local Vodafone shop said they are skipping 4.4 and waiting for 5.0 and Vodafone customer services said should be by March for all notes and s3 and s4.

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    Default Re: Android KitKat in UK

    till no news yet..I bought mine sim free from unlockedmobiles.com so i'm guessing i will get it before people who got theirs on contract but i dunno.
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    Default Re: Android KitKat in UK

    I hope I get dark chocolate ones etc.

    I am not as eager to get 4.4 as I was ICS to JB 4.1. I knew what to look forward to then. I have a little idea of the changing look to 4.4 but I am still getting used to Note 3 features and it's going to be another learning curve; with possible app issues.
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    Default Re: Android KitKat in UK

    got mine sim free, still waiting ;/

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