I have a 2012 Prius with bluetooth. Coming from an iPhone 5 where I was able to play music and answer calls over the car. Could actually stream any audio over bluetooth. I have confirmed that the car is compatible with the bluetooth on the Note 3 and was able to play music over a friends S4. What happens when I first pair the phone is I get Call Audio and Media Audio selected in the bluetooth settings on the phone. After a couple of seconds the Media Audio unchecks and I can no longer select it. When I do the screen goes dim for a second like it's thinking and then comes back with still without a checkmark. I have tried doing the pairing with audio playing, not playing, disconnect BT and then reconnect it. NOTHING. This is getting very frustrating. Can anyone lead me in the right direction to resolve this? (Just for the record, Google Now works over BT and so does placing and answering calls).