So I went from a Note II to an S4, and now to a Note III and I LOVE the new Note III.

I'm having a problem though, I used Samsung Smart Switch Mobile to migrate my data from my old to new phone. Everything went as planned.. but when i installed the MLB Homerun Derby game I have, it doesn't see the existing data so i lost all my history. all the purchases I made, accomplishments etc.

I ignored this problem when i went from the Note II to the S4 but i am not going to start all over again now, i've got too much vested interest in the old data.

is there any possibility of fixing this? i still have both phones.

When I did this, I pushed the APP to the SD card. then I ran the mobile transfer, then moved the card over and when i installed the app i pushed it to the card too. But it doesn't see my old info.

Thanks for any help everyone!