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    Default S voice

    Hey guys so I got the Samsung galaxy note 3 around a month ago now and have found my self in love with this phone. Except for one thing and that's s voice. Now don't get me wrong it's nice to have. Expecially while driving. But I want it to be able to be accessed from anywhere on my phone, and more interactive like siri or learn what I do and like such as Google now. Is there any way to get it to do that or even use like Google now I stead with out rooting it?

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    Default Re: S voice

    I use S Voice to do the things Google now can't like read my texts. If I need something that I know Google Now is better at I just open it with S Voice. I only really use the voice functions when driving though

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    Default Re: S voice

    Yeah but I was hoping for like something with more personality lol yeah know it's fun to play with siri

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