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    Default Calendar problem

    After the Kit Kat update I have been unable to dismiss my calendar alarms. When the alarm starts it shows the red x and the zzz sign. And when I pull the red x it shuts down, but after sometime it starts again. Same happening if I do it on the other place with thr grey buttons on the bottom. Only way I can get it to stop is to go to the calendar and remove the alarms for that event. Anyone else having the same problem?

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    Default Re: Calendar problem

    Is this happening with new events or events that were put into the calender before the update?

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    Default Re: Calendar problem

    I've had the same issue, with a s view cover. Read that many others have encountered the same problem.
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    Default Re: Calendar problem

    The problem is with all my calendar events. And I do have the charging s view cover, but it does that also when I dismiss them on my gear or with the cover open.

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    Default Re: Calendar problem

    Related to this topic. The default samsung calendar displays event/alerts on the lock screen on the S5 with the X....Zzzz slider options. If you do not swipe either option, the screen never turns off - which drains the battery. How would I disable these event/alerts from showing up at all on the lock screen?

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