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    Smile About to flash. Will I be able to: ? (And a few questions)

    Hi guys, time to flash my month-old Note 3. Unfortunately it came with KK already installed so ok, Knox 0x1, but it'll be worth it.

    Having flashed the phone, there are a few features I want to know that I'll get, or how to get if not built in to the ROM. Will I be able to:
    - use USB mass storage?
    - use USB OTG?
    - plug the phone in to a computer as charge-only? (The absence of this in stock is pretty annoying)
    - plug the phone in to a computer as a webcam? (Even my 50 smartphone could do this)
    - keep Sketchbook Pro? (It comes as a free full app with the Note 3, so wondering if a new ROM would still have it.)
    - use the infra-red controls without mucking around with any Samsung software/sign-ins?

    Probably more but I can't remember.

    From what I hear, the top contenders for a good ROM are Omega and X-Note. What is the general difference between these two? Or is it all just in the details?

    I bought my phone from Hong Kong. Does this give me something worry about when it comes to flashing a new ROM?
    The baseband version, for example, is N9005ZHUENB5. I think that's different to many I see here, and am not sure if that's bad thing.

    Finally, could someone suggest a good link for guidance on flashing either X-Note or Omega? I ask because when I google I turn up the last 6 months' worth of results... and I'm never sure what's still valid or what's outdated.

    Many thanks

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