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    Default Accelerometer sensor not working in my Note 3

    The accelerometer isn't working. I've keyed in *#0*# and tested all my sensors. They gyroscope fails, but if I leave it for a few seconds and try again it passes. The accelerometer doesnt work at all. I have tried every reset and method I've seen on the Internet and it still persists. The odd thing though, is if I restart my handset the accelerometer works again for a couple of minutes. I'm running KitKat 4.4.2 and I know people have had issues with this software. Sometimes my screen doesn't go off when I'm in a call so my ear and cheek usually turn off my data and do other things. Sometimes when I lock my screen it takes about 20 seconds for the screen to light up so I can unlock it. I've got a sit up app where I have to hold my phone against me and it counts my sit ups, it doesn't work unless I restart my phone because of a sensor. Half the sensors work but then don't work and then work after a restart, even though the tests only show the accelerometer not working. Please help!

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    Default Re: Accelerometer sensor not working in my Note 3

    I am having the same issue I though after replacing the lcd assembly all together things would work out but I still have all the issues your talking about I cant find help any where I hate my phone and i went ahead and bought an Iphone yea screw you samsung I'm: back to apple where everything works!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Accelerometer sensor not working in my Note 3

    Same issue here..please anyone help us.. I've tried almost all the possible way except rooting and returning to where I bought my device because I was thinking why do I need to root my device when I detected a major problem from this expensive phone?? If rooting is the only way to fix this problem so why samsung didn't release a smartphone already rooted? Shame on you samsung!! My next device will be Iphone.. I will never buy again a f*****g SAMSUNG full of bugs...

    Sorry for my bad english..
    any help will be appreciated...

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