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    Default International Galaxy Note 8 in US

    As I have never purchased an international or unlocked device, I was wondering if anyone could clarify if the NOTE 8,0 international version be available to utilize HSPA+ in US through Straight Talk or another pre-paid company?
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    Default Re: International Galaxy Note 8 in US

    Here's my best guess from what I know...
    The Galaxy Note 8 specs state

    Network: HSPA+ 21Mbps (850/900/1900/2100)
    This means that it won't be able to run on HSPA+ for T-Mobile because T-Mobile require both 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz UMTS AWS. i.e. you need to have both frequencies supported.

    However, unless I'm wrong it should work on AT&T HSPA+ as that runs on 850MHz or1900 MHz and the Galaxy Note 8 supports both.

    So AT&T looks like the network for the international variant.

    Rearding Straight talk, this is where it gets complicated. According to the wiki page on Straight Talk, they are an MNVO but make use of multiple networks for different reasons.
    [Straight Talk's] CDMA network uses Verizon's or Sprint's CDMA 1xRTT wireless networks and the GSM side makes use of either T-Mobile's or AT&T's GSM networks.
    So, when it comes to GSM based HSPA+, I can't tell if it would work as it would need both TMobile and AT&T to run? Not sure I'd be willing to risk it TBH.
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    Default Re: International Galaxy Note 8 in US

    Looks like T-Mobile are now utilising the 1900Mhz band in select places in the US, so (fingers crossed) the international version will work* on 4G.

    *Hello* phone calls and 4G on T-Mobile and Note 8 in the US!
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    Question Re: International Galaxy Note 8 in US

    Has anyone used the international version for 4G or the phone capability yet, in the U.S? I'm poised to buy an international version of the Note 8 (seems almost too good to be true)? If so, on what carrier(s)?

    Thank you!

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