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    Default Keyboard shortcuts?

    How do i set up shortcuts for certain things i type all the time?
    I.E. On myiPhone i can set "bj" to automatically give me the option to choose to insert my full email address.
    I have numerous shortcuts for my address, phone number, posta code, cerain phrases frequently used. etc.
    is there any way to do this on the note 8?

    thanks for any help
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    The only way I've been able to do it on Android is by using a
    3rd party keyboard called Smart Keyboard Pro.
    I used to use this all the time on my Blackberry.
    I also like using it on my iPad.
    Would be nice if this feature was added to Android.

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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    Thumb keyboard so has the same option. Other than you have to switch back to the Samsung keyboard to use S-Pen input to get text recognition it makes for a very nice keyboard.

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    Android 2.3.4 :-(

    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    SlideIt has that feature. Great keyboard.

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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    It would be nice to have a similar function fos S-pen short-cuts.

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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    Anyone know what the shortcut "PIA" stands for?
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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    ^^Pia Zadora's phone number?^^
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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    Does the slidelt keyboard do a good job with predictive text? Or is predictive text hardwired into the Note3 so that it predicts the same regardless of what keyboard you use?

    I like that you can easily switch from one language to another on the Google Keyboard. It works for me, as I am bilingual and often use two languages, even in the same email sometimes. But it sucks that I can't teach it my own language as I was able to do with my Blackberry (like teaching it to change "waiver" into the long legalese boiler plate language I use on many documents).
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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    It does support predictive text.

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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    There is a feature for geature enabled spen actions.... maybe look into that ?

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    the panda has spoken
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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    Hahaha pain in the ***.
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    Default Re: Keyboard shortcuts?

    PIA stands for Pain in the a$$

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