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    Default Watchon and Peel Smart App Forces Note 8.0 Shutdown

    Hey guys I just got the Note 8.0 for Xmas and I was playing around with both tv controller apps that came preloaded on it. Both apps, when syncing the Note to the tv, forces 2 different things to occur...either the "Device Options" screen pops up (Device Options screen gives the Shut Down/Restart/Volume control options) and the Note shuts down, or the other thing that sometimes happens is the Note locks the screen so I just need to unlock it...anyone else have this issue? I Googled this question and got nothing. I've tried a Factory Reset, turning Smart Stay off and any other thing that I thought might be causing this problem. I also forgot to say that the tv will connect to the Note successfully right before it either shuts down or locks itself...please help!

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    Default Re: Watchon and Peel Smart App Forces Note 8.0 Shutdown

    I'm unfortunately in this same situation and I can only find one other mention of this issue on the web. Anyone else out there?

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