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    Default USB charging

    Do I need to use the OEM 3.0 USB cable to charge from a computer? I tried using a regular micro USB and it goes into modes and won't charge.

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    Default Re: USB charging

    It wont matter if you have either a USB 2 or 3 cable because you will not be able to charge from a computer, not even one with a USB fast charger, because they don't supply enough current for this Tablet. I even tried a powered USB 3 hub and it didn't have enough juice.

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    Default Re: USB charging

    Interestingly, I have found that my Note Pro 12.2 will not charge on a USB 2 cable (known good and works with every other device I own) even from a 2.1amp output charger. Instead it is drained. Using a USB 3 cable (both the supplies one and one of another brand) the tablet charges very quickly. Has anyone else had this experience?
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    Default Re: USB charging

    For me I frequently use a USB 2.0 cable for charging. No issues with charging or charging speed using a 2 amp charger.

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    Default Re: USB charging

    I believe if you hook up to a USB port it will trickle charge your tablet but that will be a very slow process. And if you use the tablet while trying this it will definitely show as draining since the charge will be less than the usage.

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