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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    Samsung's first 7" tab had a phone. Unfortunately It was only in Europe, I was thinking of getting it but I couldn't afford $800.
    Maybe Samsung is working its way up the 7" tab again!
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    Had the International GNote also the GNote from ATT. I sold them when I first heard the GN2 was coming and got the SGSIII. I just saw this as I was going to the GN2 forum.

    I got my GN2 yesterday and while the screen is not better from my view, almost everything else is.

    Processor, Touchwiz, RAM, battery, s-pen, jellybean etc. And it feels better in my hand. It is like a bigger SGSIII with an s-pen and I love that! No contest between these devices in my opinion.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWalkingDead View Post
    Which do you prefer?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    Do everyone notices.
    The frame around the screen of the original note.
    Definitely makes it have more premium looks.
    As on the lumia 900. Frame around the screen gave a premium feels.
    And as everyone says, the original note wide is good.
    Both looks and use.

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    I don't like the feel of the Note II at all, and much prefer the original Note. The original Note does all that I want, smoothly and fairly quickly. It also has options that I don't really need, so I can't see why I would want to get rid of my original Note for the newer model.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    Mixed feelings here. I like the wider screen of my original Note, but it is less comfortable to hold than the Note 2 which I handled recently at a Best Buy. Further, the reduced screen resolution on Note 2 was VERY noticeable to my eyes and that's an issue, since I do like to read on my Note.

    Since I can't really afford a Note 2 anyway, it's all kind of moot. Got lucky and got this Note used and off contract for $225, that kind of deal lightning rarely strikes twice! I use mine as a very portable wifi tablet, so the wider screen is probably best for my purposes.

    Sort of hoping Samsung will consider making a Note 7" tablet with good screen resolution and S-pen, or make the 10" tablet with higher resolution. My eyes do best with higher resolution.

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    Spec wise - note 2
    Design wise - note 1

    Not sure if you guys noticed that galaxy note looks like a big version of galaxy s2 and note 2 is a big version Galaxy s3. Can they at least change the design a bit so that there's a distinctive and unique feeling for each phones.

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    Which is better you think?

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    For Design look :Note 1 not by much
    For Elegance and HArdeware (Camera, Speakers, LED even and S Pen) then Note 2 By ALOOOTT trsut me
    For Software:They will be similar if you root and flash jelly bean into note 1, if not then note 2 software is load better android 4.1 is alot better than ICS by alot
    For Gaming and Media: Note 2 is WAY Better in gaming than note 1 BY huge it can be locked at super smooth framesrate in most games even in intensive games plus hadling extra textures which note 1 cant do and lags too lol and media is better on note 2 in terms on look and features but not by much in media but gaming NOTE 2 never get not 1 for gaming

    too me Note 1 does look better than note 2 but i'll regreat getting note 1 lol unless jelly bean comes out
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 1 [pic]

    I like it as it is very sueful......................
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