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I know how the first few weeks and months can be a novelty with a new device. How are you feeling about the Note after several months? Are you still glad you went that way? Do you recommend it to others? Or are you wishing you swapped it out?

I appreciate your thoughts, they may help me figure out if the Note2 will be my next device.
I've had my note for 2 months. After every iphone there has ever been. Got tired of iOS. I really like it. I've rooted it. Customized it. Installed every substitute for my iphone apps. Synced everything with chrome. Used all Google apps. Everything.
Yet the novelty has worn off. I feel it is very big and Love it and hate it for it. But being a Mac "power user" I'm beginning to consider going back to iphone since it is all just so integrated. And in day by day experience, haven't found it that different.
Please talk me out of it! Hahaha