Today i just rooted my phone, and i'm trying to use titanium backup. I already did a full backup and syncronized it to dropbox.
My questions are the following:

- I want to now if is posible to do the backup only in the cloud, dropbox for example? without having the files in the phone
- I guest that there is a way to make TB do the backup only of the new or updates app, and new data. How? I was looking in the task options, but there are too many and i'm shure wich one to choose. Also,Can I make it to do it every time an app is updated or installed? or only trough an schedule ?(day x, time x)
- There are filters, so i'm wandering if its is possible to make separated backup for system and user apps (i think so), and put them in diferent folders too inside the TB backup folder...

I hope you could help me...