For reasons I won't go into, my primary source of internet is my phone, which I share with my laptop via wifi hotspot. The other night, right in the middle of browsing and a rather large download, the internet stopped working. A bit of experimentation with my primary phone, secondary phone, and computer proved that the problem lies with the Note, rather than the data connection or my laptop. The internet still works fine on the Note itself, it just won't let the hotspot have it, and putting the sim in the 2ndry phone gives me my internet back -- in fact, it's still in the 2ndry phone, which normally only gets used to play one of those put-you-to-sleep apps that doesn't work properly on the Note because of the dual-core audio looping bug. I only consider this a temporary fix though, since if I'd wanted to carry two devices around, I woulda bought a tablet, not a Note, and swapping the sims around when I go out and come home is a little tedious.

So, any ideas how to fix this?