Hello community!

I have a big problem, I have already flashed several custom ROMs and even stock firmwares, with Odin and Heimdall too without any issues, but now I'm completely unsure what happened. I flashed CM KK ROM a while ago and phone went into bootloops and giving errors in recovery. I have experienced and successfully dealt with these problems before, but now I just can't solve those.

So the problem is, my phone is either bootlooping, or giving me the "can't mount sdard" or "mmcblk0p1" errors. I have read lots of threads to solve this but none of them seems to work. I tried flashing all kinds of stock firmwares (Eclair, Froyo, GB) with and withou Re-Partition, but I still get those errors everytime. In recovery, I tried manually format and mount data and sdcard but it gave me the can't mount errors. I also flashed dbdata.rfs, and custom Kernels, but nothing works. I also read that my internal SD card is corrupted and I have to manually partition it with a 8GB external SD card but I own only a 2GB one.

So I really hope some of you clever guys can give me some help, or atlest bring me closer the the solution!
Thanks for the answers!