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    hi i also have the same problem. this stared around 3 days ago first my the first day my phone kept turning on and of i thought is i charged it it might work but noting happened. i told some of my friends on Facebook if they knew what was wrong with it they said maybe it was the battery that it was to hot and i should leave it to rest for a day i did that but the same thing kept happening i tried turning it on but it wouldn't turn on when i tried to make it turn on so i left it on the charger for a few mins and when i got back and took it off from the charger it still wouldn't turn on and it wasn't turning on and off anymore so i i put it on the charger and it started turning on and off again this, i was getting scared so i tried to rest it but i could only do it with the charger on. when i tried to reset it it didn't work but when i placed the phone back on it charger it still kept turning on and off but when it turned on half of the screen would turn on( it would turn on but not full it just went a bit) so i thought maybe it was still working...

    i would really like some help on what to do

    Have the power switch replaced. You may be able to get away with having it cleaned only. A couple of outfits are mentioned in this thread that can do this on a send-away basis. There may be someone local to you. I sent my phone to Cell Phone Repair Pros; they are based in the United States.
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    I had the same problem, had the power button replaces, cleaned battery terminals. And the only thing that fixed it was to wedge a piece of paper to make the battery have tighter fit
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