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    Default Kies locks up when viewing contacts on Galaxy S2 skyrocket.

    I upgraded my Galaxy s2 skyrocket to ICS. It seems to have installed ok. But now when I connect to Kies I can view my music, photos, video no problems. But when I click on contacts it loads to 100% then Kies turns gray and is totaly locked up. I have to start task manager to close it.
    I've uninstalled and reinstalled Kies, installed Galaxy S2 skyrocket USB drivers. I even tried it on another computer, but it still locks up when trying to view contacts. Anyone have any idea what is going on?
    Thanks for reading.
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    Default The very same happens on my Galaxy S3

    The very same happens on my Galaxy S3 with the latest version of Kies.

    I have not yet found out why. I have experimented with re-installing Kies on my Windows 7 PC and even with a factory reset of my S3. The effect remains, as soon as I click on a tab of the contacts (Mobile....SIM) Kies shows loading contacts and when the counter reaches 100% Kies dims and hangs.

    I do not think this has to do with my S3. While searching for a solution, I installed Kies on two Windows XP PCs in our household. There Kies can display all S3 contacts without hanging.

    Unless someone posts a solution here, I will wait for a newer version of Kies and pray...
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    Default Removing .NET framework 4.5 and now Kies does not hang anymore when viewing phone contacts

    There have been quite a few issues posted on several forums about Samsung Kies not liking the presence of .NET framework 4.5.
    I removed .NET framework 4.5 of my Windows 7 Home Premium PC today and voila, Kies is not hanging anymore when viewing phone contacts.

    I have read on several forums that removing .NET framework 4.5 has solved other problems with Kies as well. E.g. when your phone is not recognized by Kies.

    Windows 7 comes with .NET framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 as part of the operating systems. And that seems to be the version Kies likes most.
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    Default Re: Removing .NET framework 4.5 and now Kies does not hang anymore when viewing phone contacts

    if you backup your contacts to your google account which i think is default on most android devices you can go to your google acount on your website and look at your contacts change them or just fiddle with them there. i found it alot easier than using kies
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    Default Re: Kies locks up when viewing contacts on Galaxy S2 skyrocket.

    It's working now. Kies just updated and I'm using windows 8. I'm not sure which one or both fixed the problem. But everything is working fine now.

    Thanks for the posts

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