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    Default I want to use "Contacts" not "Phonebook"

    Hello all. I have searched and searched for an answer but no luck yet.

    I am hoping that some of you knowledgeable people might be able to help out.

    So I have a (unrooted) Galaxy S2 LTE in Japan on Docomo.

    A few months ago when I was using Gingerbread, if I typed a contacts name into the Google search bar widget on the home page, the name would come up, and when I touched it, the selected contact would open, in the "standard" contact list (black background, white writing, the same as if I touched the call button and then the contacts tab). That was lovely.


    The phone upgraded to ICS. Generally I love it, but now when I type the contacts name in the Google widget, and touch, it opens in a different app called "Phonebook". I dont know if this is a Docomo app, a Samsung app, or just a ICS "upgrade" but I don't like it at all, contacts take longer to load, and it takes more presses to actually start a call (minor I know, but its annoying, especially when it worked so well before).

    I want to go back to the old style, type the name, open in "Contacts" but I just cannot do it. Sure, I can totally remove the option to search for phone book names, but I don't have the option to search Contacts anymore. Seems like its "Phonebook" or nothing.

    The "Phonebook" app is not delete-able.
    Clearing the defaults in "Phonebook" doesn't change anything.

    Any ideas would be most gratefully received.


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