My phone got run over yesterday, and although it miraculously seems to more or less be working (it rings when called etc), the glass screen is completely shattered and black.

Luckily I have insurance and *should* get it repaired or replaced - however, due to (I believe?) software issues with Kies and ICS which meant backups kept failing, I frustratingly haven't been able to back up the phone for 4 months (not for lack of trying!!).

I've installed the latest version of Kies, and tried running myphoneexplorer, but as the phone is locked with a security code and the touch-screen doesn't work for me to unlock it, it seems impossible to access the data or back up anything from the last 4 months, before I send it away to get wiped.

Anyway, I figured it's worth a shot to see if anyone has a nugget of wisdom to help me save my data before I lose it for ever .
Thank you!