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    Default Samsung Galaxy Sii keyboard missing


    I can receive texts and emails but when I try to reply, the area where the keyboard usually displays is just black. The letters do not come up. I have rebooted, taken out the battery, etc. and it still won't work. Does anyone have an answer?
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Sii keyboard missing

    found some info
    Step 1: Find and install a new keyboard you`d like to try in the Android Market. You could try Thumb Keyboard, SwiftKey, Better Keyboard, or many others. Step 2: Make sure the keyboard is enabled on your device. Some keyboards will walk you through a setup to make sure the app is enabled, but if one doesn`t, you can easily check on this yourself after the next few steps. Step 3: Open an app you want to type in. Press on the text entry area, and you will see a small keyboard icon appear near the bottom right corner. The default keyboard on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Step 4: Touch the keyboard icon, and select the keyboard you`d like to use. If the one you`re looking for doesn`t appear, you will need to press "Configure input methods." (Optional) Step 5: Look for your preferred keyboard choice in the list, and make sure the box across from the name is checked. Press the back button in the lower left corner and repeat Steps 3 and 4. You should now be able to switch between any keyboards you have installed relatively quickly. " Step four should be the most applicable step for you, and should help fix your issue without much effort

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