Hello! I have this issue with Foursquare and Google Plus since i installed Cyanogenmod 10.2 last year.
Since then - i have posted to numerous forums and community groups but my issue still remains.
Now i'm asking you guys and gals.

Basically Foursquare and Google Plus appears as incompatible with my device - regardless i used them both while i was with Stock Samsung rom.
See for more info.

All the methods below have failed so far:
- sideloading (install via apk)
- Wipe + Re-flashing the ROM + Gapps

And .
Basically no one helped me so far. What do you think guys? Will i be able to use those apps again while i'm with CM 10.2?

PS: Don't reply me with suggestions to use another ROM, i'm sticking with this one no matter what!