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View Poll Results: What kind of phone are you swapping out for the Galaxy S2?

392. You may not vote on this poll
  • Samsung Galaxy S1 series

    55 14.03%
  • Motorola Droid series

    26 6.63%
  • Google Nexus series

    14 3.57%
  • LG Optimus series

    5 1.28%
  • Sony Xperia series

    1 0.26%
  • HTC series

    61 15.56%
  • Other Android

    12 3.06%
  • iPhone

    75 19.13%
  • Blackberry

    81 20.66%
  • Other non-Android

    62 15.82%
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    Default What phone will you be switching from?

    To all you future Galaxy S2 owners - which phone are you currently using?
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    I would LOVE to have the Verizon version. I'm really looking forward to an announcement!!!

    I'll be paying retail, not at a discount though, my Fascinate still works GREAT!
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    Gold member here so i'll be taking my yearly upgrade...
    Epic owner...
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    Surprising to see how many HTC users will be switching...
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    So many I can count them on one hand!

    HTC peeps are usually the forum obsessed type anyhoo. I'm looking at you HTC peeps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sndplace View Post
    Gold member here so i'll be taking my yearly upgrade...
    Epic owner...
    WAIT, SO THAT'S WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A PREMIER CUSTOMER? I've been wondering but that's sweet! Maybe then, I can get a Galaxy s3 instead of a Galaxy s4
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    Question Switching from...

    I know this might seem crazy but Im switching from a G1. Thats right old school, but hey I rooted it a long time ago and have had froyo on it for a while. However, its starting to get extremely glitchy so Im ready for an upgrade. Now I just need help choosing between the gs2 (the one I want the most) or the thunderbolt or the lg optimus 3d with that tegra 2 inside. What do you guys think?
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    If this phone has a track pad I may get one.
    I have a MyTouch 4G currently and a Nexus One for a backup.

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    I have an Evo and I love it but I'll gladly switch to a Galaxy S2 phone in a heartbeat. Phone looks too damn sexy.
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    Vibrant switch, if I can afford it
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    When the SG2, I will make it my from my Telus Fascinate. I do hope that Samsung also makes a all capative botton version. I am not a big fan of the physical botton menu/home botton.
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    I am looking forward to this phone! I currently have a BlackBerry Curbe 8330 on Bell Mobility and have been a diehard Crackberry addict since I got my phone. However, I've been getting sick of pretty much only using the phone for the the crappy web browser and BBM. I really like the Samsung Galaxy S, but figure I might as well wait for the Galaxy Sii.

    I'm new to Android though but do have one question... Is a dual core Android phone better than a single core (eg HTC Thunderbolt)? I've read some comments that it's not worth it at the moment to have a dual core phone, but would like some clarification.
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    I have my eye on this beauty for sure. If it comes to T-Mo I'll be switching from a MyTouch 4G.
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    I would love for this phone to come to verizon.
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    Gonna pass on the Samsung SII
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    Default come show all these iphone and blackberry users which is best.

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    I really love my Evo, it's a trooper but this, this is just a new level.
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    Been using Blackberry for MANY years. All the way back to the 950 days. Looking for more bells and whistles but will miss my instant email. Mine arries 5-16-2011 and I will give it a good try and if not, back to my Blackberry!
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    Hoping AT&T has a reasonabale non contract price point once released ($549 to $599 non contract price range?), if so I will switch from my Inspire 4G.
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    I'll be ditching the Droid X for this, if Moto doesn't go all gang busters on the Bionic, and make it an insane piece of hardware.
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    If it is not LTE then I will pass on the GS2... But If it is I will be swapping out a Storm1..
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    Switching from a Nokia N95. It will have been so worth the wait
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    I'll be switching from the iPhone 4 which I still like, but really need a phone that can do more.
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    BlackBerry Bold 9650...can't wait to get rid of this POS
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    Couldn't agree more!
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