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    Default What bumper is you got for S3

    How to choose a good bumper for galaxy S3 if you don't want get only a case?

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 Waistline Space Aluminum Metal Bumper Frame Case is a bumper case designed to protect the edges of Galaxy S3 without appreciably increasing the overall thickness of your device. Since the Galaxy S3 does not have the antenna issues of the iPhone 4, this model is all aluminum.

    Samsung Frame Case comes with high-quality aluminum alloy material will provide excellent durability, excellent metal wire drawing process.

    First, you need to unscrew the pieces to install the bumper.
    This design is attractive. The frame is incredibly light in your hands. I like the blue on the sides, it goes nicely with the sky color.

    The high-quality aluminum alloy material will provide excellent durability, excellent metal wire drawing process, both light and sturdy.

    I easily fitted the two pieces together, and installed the screws. I had no issue getting them snug, and avoided over-tightening them.

    As Julie observed, the screws are tiny, so it is nice they provided extras in case you misplace one.
    The buttons on the bumper are a clear improvement over my S3 and the fit is very good. I used this bumper for one week with no ill effects.
    The phone has a cut-out for the USB port and the headphone jack.
    Follow the picture you can see the screw on the left and a cut-out for the microphone, so you do not need to switch the case when you transfer video to S3 after .

    It really becomes a part of my phone. It does increase the width and height of you phone a little bit. It also will increase the thickness; however, this phone is so thin I don't see that as a negative. In fact it holds the screen off the table when you put the phone face down, so it offers some protection to your screen in this way.
    So soft medium inside material, to prevent vibration, with shock-absorbing effect

    If you are looking for a metal bumper case for galaxy S3, you will like this Waistline Space Aluminum Metal Bumper Frame Case, for the bumper really becomes part of the phone. As a benefit, you will get improved buttons, at least in my opinion, and a hand strap connector if that is something you want.
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    Default Re: What bumper is you got for S3

    What's the price of the case.
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    Default Re: What bumper is you got for S3

    Looks really nice. $29 is a bit steep though.. especially since this phone has already deprecated.
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    Default Re: What bumper is you got for S3

    You will loose serious signal with this. I know from first hand testing.

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    Default Re: What bumper is you got for S3

    The cover is cool but the price is a little higher. I preferred the reasonable price and replace the cover whenever I like.
    I just got another bike mount for my S3 from Really cool.

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