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    Default Otterbox Reflex case

    Anyone seen or ordered the new reflex case from Otterbox? I can't find much on it. Its not on amazon either.

    Pretty cool idea, not sure if its for me but its nice to see other options.
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    Default Re: Otterbox Reflex case

    That is interesting. Clear so you can see the device with just enough bump protection around the corners. I also saw that they have a 'Prefix' series, which is an hybrid all-in-one case like the Reflex but more protection. Glad to see that they are branching out.
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    Default Re: Otterbox Reflex case

    Good idea for people who want to use docks without having to take off the case all the way or in a shorter time. I have experiences with a few cases like these, and what happens is the connection loosens up after a while. Hope it doesn't happen to OB

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