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    Default Battery issues or phone?

    I've had my Samsung Galaxy s 3 for 5 months and I've had a couple instances in the last month where right after taking it off the charger and using it for less than 5 minutes the battery percentage would drop from 100% to 50% or less. And last night when I put it on the charger, completely dead, it did not start to charge. It stayed at 0% for at least an hour. I switched it into airplane mode in hopes to charge faster with no luck. Finally I turned the device off completely and it slowly charged to 28% overnight and was still not fully charged in the morning. Do I just need a new battery or a new phone?
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    Sounds like a battery issue. Also I would check the USB cable/wall adapter your using I would lean more towards the USB cable first. If you have a different one try that and see if the outcome is any better. I've seen a bad cord have an " on/off " connection where it charges for a few seconds then stops, then starts again..
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