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    Default S3 upgrade to 4.3 problem

    Hi, I am a new android user. I recently upgraded by SGH-I747M phone on Rogers to 4.3. Since the upgrade the phone runs really sluggish and cache is always above 1GB even after clearing. I did the update over wifi and was advised by Rogers to re-install the firmware. How do I re-install the 4.3 OS without deleting all my data? I tried to go into Kies but it asks me to initialize which deletes all the data.

    Please help. Thanks.
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    Default Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3 problem

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    Default Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3 problem

    Quote Originally Posted by merchy10 View Post
    I tried to go into Kies but it asks me to initialize which deletes all the data.
    You can use Kies to backup your information (SMS/MMS, pictures/videos, call logs, contacts and TouchWiz settings) before you reload the firmware.

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