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    I bought my phone back in august, and I was using the charger that came in with & eventually the charger stopped charging my phone. I would plug it in and my phone would say it was charging, but the battery life would keep going down. So, I went to using my old blackberry charger & that started doing the same thing after about a month (but the charger was also slightly broken) so I bought a new blackberry charger (the store didnt have any other kind in stock) & the same thing just started happening again. I'm not sure if its the phone or the chargers at this point, please help?? (sorry if parts of this didn't make any sense.. I've never really been good at explaining things lol)

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    Please don't double post. I read the same post in another forum, where you're getting responses. It just leads to confusion and slower performance of the forums in general.

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