Being able to sync my calendar accurately both ways is important to me for running my small business, but it's not working. I can create entries on my S3 and they'll sync to my Outlook calendar, and I can create entries in Outlook that will then sync to my S3, but what I cannot do is create an entry in Outlook, then UPDATE it on my S3 - the calendar entry always reverts back to the original Outlook listing.

I also tried creating a record on my device, then updating it in Outlook, and so far the change has not come through to my device, despite syncing several times.

I have gone into the settings and see that I can set "In case of sync conflict" so that either the Server or the Device "has priority" (currently set to Server), but even when there is no conflict the Server is always taking priority, and all changes made through my device are lost!

Shouldn't the entry reflect the most recent change, regardless of the source??