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    Default Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini - Battery problem

    I've had this cellphone for no longer than 10 months and now it is starting to get some serious troubles.
    The first one is that it doesn't charge completely. I can charge it the whole night with it turned off and it won't go higher than 80%. And the charging symbol remains on the battery icon even after I remove it from the charger and I have to restart the phone to get it off.
    The second problem is that the battery is draining way to fast. Like in two hours, even if I am not using it. At first i thought my battery was messed up so I bought another original one but the problem is still here.
    The third problem is that it is overheating and slowing the processor down.

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini - Battery problem

    Buy a new?

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini - Battery problem

    Seen this before on my mates s3 mini it is the USB charging port there will be a damaged pin in it. You can have it repaired but you should also make sure that the charger is changed as well. The parts are cheap about 5. There is also videos on YouTube to do it Yourself

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