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    Default Connect with USB but only seeing a minor part of all folders of my S3 mini.

    When I connect to a PC with USB and open the mobile on WIn7 explorer I don't see all folders on mobile's memory.
    According to File manager there are a lot of other folders available, but in win explorer I only see some of them.
    Properties are the same as in folders that I do see (DRW)
    I tried both MTP and PTP. I tried with USB debugging, but all with the same result.

    Someone who know how I can get all folders?
    (In Win I selected to see all folders and files including hidden en system files/folders)
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    Default Re: Connect with USB but only seeing a minor part of all folders of my S3 mini.

    Welcome to Android Central! I believe it's a limitation of MTP, which only makes certain folders available via USB connection. The old way of connecting as a USB Mass Storage device has fallen by the wayside, since newer devices don't partition their memory any more (which is how this could be achieved in the past).

    Consider a wireless solution like or .

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