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    Default Error On My Phone

    Hi Guys,
    I am very sad as my Phone S3 Mini GT-i8190n (Rooted) hes many errors now.
    It all started when I went on YouTube and an error came: There was a problem with the network. I ignored this as all the videos were working fine but when I tried to comment the same error came. I then went on my browser for YouTube and I was able to commnet on that.
    Then when I went on Google Play store the error: No connection With a retry button which merely done anything. Now I went online and searched it up when I came across some guys saying that link helped me fix it : Google Play "No Connection - Retry" Problem Fix | TechKhoji
    Now my time and date was correct and I didn't have any google play app cache. The it said change or re-log your account so I removed my account. Now then When I put my details to re-log this comes up: Can't establich a reliable connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your Android Device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.
    So then I try to make a new account and I put My Full Name in and choose my username e.g. username123@gmail.com but then it says : The username username123@gmail.com isn't available so I put some other username and I get an error. This kept on happening which led me to write random stuff e.g. bfsdfaf32@gamil.com but the still the same error came.
    When I go on YouTube the error now does not come but when I go to comment I need a Google Account which I cannot make or use.

    Please Help Me! and by my internet connection is perfect.
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    Default Re: Error On My Phone

    There is another solution to your problem. Go to the following link and try this out
    [FIX] [SOLVED!] Play Store No Connection Error Fix! - xda-developers

    Of course the method is a bit complex but seeing that you run a rooted device, I don't believe it will present any difficulty to you. Do tell if this helps you or not. Oh and if all else fails, factory reset is an option as well

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