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    Default S3 mini with S3 (2100 mAh) or Ace3 (1800 mAh) battery?


    Recently I have found info, that someone uses S3 batt (2100) in his Ace3 LTE (originally it has 1800 batt).
    Is this possible? I mean, S3 is a 'bit' bigger than Ace3... And if the batt fits, isn't it going to damage phone?

    Other thing is, that Ace3 has two versions - LTE and non-LTE. Besides LTE and CPU, one of the differences is battery - LTE ver has 1800mAh batt, non-LTE - 1500 mAh. And, since S3 Mini and Ace3 both have same dimensions, maybe it would be possible to use Ace3 LTE batt in S3 Mini?

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    Default Re: S3 mini with S3 battery (2100mAh)?

    I had both an S3 and an S3 mini, and I remember that the difference, in size, of the batteries was noticeable. I strongly believe that an s3/ace3 etc battery won't fit the S3 mini.

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    Default Re: S3 mini with S3 battery (2100mAh)?

    If the battery dimensions are exactly the same, then maybe you'd be able to use it. I highly doubt they'd be an exact fit, and if it did, you'd still need a bigger battery door.

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