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    Exclamation Bluetooth Won't Turn On (Please Help)

    I had this problem about 3-4 months ago.
    I've tried everything to turn on my BT. Restart the phone, unplugged battery, It didnt work at all!
    And recently I did a factory reset.
    It's ok. My BT back to normal and be able to turn on again.
    But... It's very unbelievable... after I did a full restore (Including system data restore), My bluetooth won't able to turn on again!
    Since that, i realized that the problem caused by an app/running process but unfortunately i can't guess it.
    I really disappointed of this. It's impossible to do a factory reset again because it's just wasted my time to do a restore again.
    I need you guys help the way to detect what apps caused this.
    I really need your help,
    Or how to complaint this to samsung developer?

    Thanks in advanced.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Won't Turn On (Please Help)

    Hi, and welcome to the forums!
    Quote Originally Posted by Frederik_dass View Post
    It's impossible to do a factory reset again because it's just wasted my time to do a restore again.
    Um, no - what's impossible is for us to guess what apps you might have installed, and which of those may be causing your problem.

    You could try booting into Safe mode http://support.verizonwireless.com/s...ase.html/59242 and if Bluetooth works fine then you can be certain that it's a 3rd party application causing your problem.

    You should have SOME idea when looking through your apps list of what they do - start by uninstalling any that have anything to do with Bluetooth or power management or that provide control toggles.

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